Born Accessible

Meet the needs of all readers by ensuring your books are accessible from the start.

Accessible Ebooks Matter

Everybody deserves the opportunity to read. Yet, too many are excluded from reading due to a disability. A blind reader cannot see a book’s text; a student with dyslexia cannot decode words on a page; a person with cerebral palsy cannot hold a book or turn its pages. Born Accessible helps content creators to produce ebooks that are accessible to all learners and helps ebook purchasers to procure content that works for all students. Born Accessible titles adhere to international accessibility standards AND to Benetech’s specific criteria. A special focus is applied for downloadable content. 

young blind boy using headphones and smartphone.

Global Certified Accessible™ (GCA) Certification

Benetech’s GCA publisher certification program is the first-ever third-party EPUB certification program to verify ebook accessibility. Our goal is to help publishers build “born accessible” content that meets the needs of all readers. The program accomplishes this by working with publishers to accredit workflows to ensure that content they produce is accessible from the start. Accredited publishers receive a license certifying accessibility of their content, eliminating the need for individual title VPATS or audits. With a trusted third-party validation of publisher content, everyone with a stake in providing accessible materials— procurement offices, textbook purchasing committees, students, professors, teachers, distributors, consumers, and retailers – can ensure all readers have access to the information they need to succeed. Learn about certification.

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