International Partnership Program

The Global Certified Accessible (GCA) International Partnership Program teaches organizations around the world how to certify accessible content. The program was designed to meet organizations where they currently are in their accessibility journey and help them better understand the production of accessible content, the technical details involved in the certification process, and associated business aspects of accessible content.

The GCA International Partnership Program consists of three phases:

Phase 1 — Become Born Accessible Aware

Raise awareness and increase understanding of the print disabled reader market, technical aspects of producing accessible content, and workflow remediation necessary to create content that is accessible from the start.

This is done through a series of three presentations geared toward a new to accessibility audience:

  • Why Born Accessible EPUBs are important
  • How publishers can create accessible EPUBs and bring them to market
  • How to evaluate and validate EPUBs

Phase 2 — Becoming GCA Aware

Learn how to represent the GCA program to the local publishing community.

This is done through a series of four presentations geared toward a moderately technical audience:

  • The full EPUB ecosystem from author to reader
  • Operational details around the GCA program
  • Technical details involved in certification
  • The GCA process flow

Phase 3 — Becoming a Full GCA Partner

Learn how to perform the full GCA process with their own staff, in their own language, for publishers in their local market. Benetech provides training and resources for any staff who will perform the GCA process.

This is done through a series of six presentations geared toward a technically proficient audience:

  • GCA standards and best practices
  • Software and tools
  • Reports and recommendations
  • Examples, homework assignments, and conversions with local publishers

What is the cost?

All partnership contracts will be different, as each partner will have needs unique to their country. We give consideration to items such as local currency, employment, and publishing practices, as well as any issues the partner may face. Contact us to learn more.

Interested in becoming an international partner?