Certified Conversion Vendors

Our goal is to help publishers build born accessible content that meets the needs of all readers, and our digital conversion vendor partners are helping us reach this goal. The GCA program teaches vendors how to produce accessible content when requested by a publisher. Learn more about certification.

We highly encourage both publishers and vendors to become certified. Publishers must have their own GCA certification in order to create GCA certified titles and are the only entity who can create accessibility metadata for a title. Conversion vendors can add publisher provided metadata to a title’s file, but are not capable of creating the metadata. Publishers should also provide conversion vendors with accessibility specifications for each title. Once the file is complete, it should be reviewed by the publisher to ensure all specifications have been met.

Please contact Benetech prior to working with one of our certified conversion vendors so we can connect you to the appropriate contact.

We’re proud to have digital conversion vendors across the globe participate in the GCA program. These vendors understand the importance of creating accessible EPUB files and are GCA certified.

These conversion vendors are in the process of becoming GCA certified:

Ready to become a certified vendor?