Approved Tools

Our goal is to help publishers build born accessible content that meets the needs of all readers. In support of that goal, Benetech has developed the Benetech Approved Tool service to ensure that the technology tools publishers are using will easily allow the creation of Born Accessible content.

If your company creates tools for publishers to use, we invite you to participate in this program.

If you are a publishers assesing which tools to use in your create environment, we encourage you to contact the companies whose tools have been approved by Bentech.

We’re proud to have organizations across the globe participate in the Benetech Approved Publisher Tool program. These organizations have made a commitment to helping publishers provide readers with Born Accessible content.

These tools are currently being evaluated: 

  • ATOMIK epublisher, from Easypress
  • WordToEPUB, from The DAISY Consortium
  • Bookalope web service, from Bookalope Publishing Tools

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