Benetech Approved Tool

The Benetech Approved Tool program was created to help software platform and tool developers ensure their products and services are compliant with industry accessibility standards. While this is not a certification program, it is the best option for organizations that build tools, services, and platforms that are used by publishers, instructors, and students around the world.  

Benetech to its knowledge and expertise from over 20 years of distributing accessible content to readers around the world and applies that to your offerings. We will be with you every step of the way providing detailed guidance and reporting on how your offerings match up against standards and best practices across the industry and across the globe. 

Each Benetech Approved Tool agreement is bespoken to ensure that what your platform or service does is correctly matched against the applicable standards and the normal expected results for products like yours.  

This is a fee-based service, but Benetech operates on a mostly cost recovery basis so that we can serve as many organizations as possible as part of our larger mission drive goal of getting as much fully accessible content created and distributed to as many readers as possible.  

For more information on how your organization can participate in this revolutionary program please contact Michael Johnson at